Mulan-QuoteThing is, when you have been betrayed, hurt, put down, and mistreated repeatedly, it tend to cloud your senses. You eventually hold on to the fear of feeling and undergoing through the same commotions over and over again at the slightest possible sign of it. Even if some people are trying their best to show you different, you find it hard to see it as it is.  For the fortunate ones who haven’t received the blows or those who easily overcame the experience, they call it a pessimist’s call; but for those whose hearts are still shattered, it is a constant struggle to wake up and face the day with the absence of worries.  And like most battles, they are doing it not only for themselves, but because they know that other people will also live a better life when they come out victorious from their battle grounds  – their own selves.


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