When things break, it's not the actual breaking that prevents them from getting back together again.I once asked God why He allowed me to be tested through my weakness, knowing that it is the most vulnerable part of myself.  Whenever temptations come, I cannot assure Him that I can resist it, especially when it comes to emotional challenges.  I asked Him “Why keep the gate open when You know that I can possibly commit sins through it?”  It was a question that lingered in my mind for decades.  Surprisingly, in the middle of another emotional turmoil, God decided to give me some answers.  “Because it is when you are weak that you will reach out to Me.  It is when you are weak that You will come back to Me.  I need that part of your life to remain vulnerable and open because it is through that door that I can enter into you.”  Tears flowed as my mind started to understand what has been disclosed…


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