I make a lot of acquaintances, but as time goes by, I began to identify people who are called friends and those who should remain as acquaintances.  At first, I thought I needed to have millions of friends, but as life turns a new leaf, I learned that quality is more important than quantity.  The bad times will not only make you stronger, but also help reveal who among your surrounding individuals will take the courage to stand by your side, especially when they, too, will have to take a share in your personal undertakings.

My personal experiences taught me that not all people will care about you or what you’re going through.  Some of them will only take pleasure in seeing you struggle in the midst of difficulty.  If they still remain unhappy and not contented with that, they would even take the role of pressing and pushing you lower to the ground. Sad, but true. And what is sadder is that increasing number of people are becoming a victim of these individuals who are so fond of wearing a white mask when they are in front of you, but change, the moment you turn your back.

Sometimes I envy those people who make tons of friends, yet there are times when I get to ask myself, “Are they really good and true?”  At that point, I examined my list of whom I consider as friends, and felt a smile on my face; not because I realized how few they were, but because of the fact that despite the less number of quantity, they are people who filled almost all blank spaces when it comes to quality.  Yes, they are real people, and it’s what matters most. Then I said to myself, “I guess I’m still lucky!”

I am not condemning anyone or anything here; I am just reminding you to be a real person so that the word ‘friend’ will stand for and reveal what its meaning should be.


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