8 Bullets, 1 Life

I woke up this morning with a plan in my head.  This coming Wednesday, I’ll have a lunch date with my girlfriends and a get-together for a prayer meeting by Thursday.  I grabbed my phone to send some text reminders, but I did not expect to receive a message, telling me that the father of our sister in our Christian community was already dead.  I was surprised, and since the text message did not say anything about the reason behind his death, I just assumed that maybe it’s because of a disease condition that was not known to us. Came lunch, I was informed that he was shot at their own store by a man who did not even wear a mask, early this morning.  According to the witnesses, almost all bullets were delivered in the head. And I was like… “WHAT???”.

The family was known for their good reputation.  We took some time discussing all possible angles and we cannot point any other possibilities, except politics.

I still don’t understand why people need to kill their rivals just for the sake of retaining their position in the government. Politics should be viewed as a great opportunity to be of service to others and not to oneself, but for some sad reasons, some government officials view it as a way of getting their hands on power and fame.  What is supposedly given for the welfare of the country’s citizens is being enjoyed by people who took advantage of their positions.  At times, I would come to think that maybe those positions had an addictive content that’s why people find it hard to let it go, especially if a certain country or locality is already accustomed to political dynasty.  And I did see one – money.  Let’s face it.  The world today is so obsessed in becoming rich and famous and some people who belong to the upper class is using their wealth to manipulate others.  Sad but true. As what they always say, “reality bites”.

I am not a fan of politics and seldom do I really stick my nose onto it, but the mere fact that a good man got killed because of a political possibility?  I just don’t get it.  Maybe my views about it is quite traditional, but I don’t see any wrong about such kind of perception either.

Lives were wasted because of pride.  I’m actually lost for words because until now, I am still confused of what happened.

Her father was shot eight times.  One life, eight bullets.  Will justice be served?  I just hope so, and I hope that justice will know the difference between a right and a bribe.


2 thoughts on “8 Bullets, 1 Life

  1. My prayers go out for the grieved. I have no idea what you’re talking about with the whole politics thing.

    1. Thanks…Many assumed that someone from the other political party is responsible for the murder; for political revenge, maybe. It’s not yet certain but it’s the closest reason behind the killing.

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