Why do I keep on waiting for someone who will never come?  I don’t know what this is, but it’s just way too painful to bear.  Some of you might immediately say “move on”, and I bet that’s the easiest thing to utter when you’re not in my situation.  Why can’t I let go of the person who don’t and won’t even belong to me?  Why do I keep on fooling myself even if I know for a fact that it will bring me nothing but pain, tears, and hardship?  Why is it too hard to make a decision, even if that decision means freeing myself from the bondage that keeps me locked in the dark?  Why do I keep on hoping even if I am reminded every single day that there’s no more hope on what I am hoping for?  Why do I keep on giving myself away when the person whom I gave myself to does not even know what to do with what I gave him?

Why do I keep on loving you even if you’re hurting rather than loving me?

It’s just way too hard, and nobody knows it but me.


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