“This is our temporary home, it’s not where we belong…”

It’s a very inspiring song for me and I know you’ll agree with me on this.

Often, we became too occupied about everything around – work, business, news – name it and you’ll definitely find it on the list of “NOT THE VERY IMPORTANT MATTERS TO ATTEND TO”. Unfortunately, what is happening around seemed to capture the very center of our curiosity and attention, that we fail to recognize we are already drifting away from what really matters – relationships.

We often engage ourselves in death-defying workloads, that we fail to realize how we’ve spent all of our time chasing deadlines and forgot our dinner with mom and dad. We often invest hundreds of bucks on our businesses, that we tend to develop the habit of ignoring those rugged people along the streets who can barely eat once a week, in the fear of losing a penny that we consider to be a huge part of our business profit. We often burn our brows calculating all returns of our investments, that we fail to give 10% of our income back to God, who gave us everything, including our jobs, business, and even our very own life.

Why do we invest so much on these things when the only riches and wealth we can bring along with us when we part away from this world is our relationship with God and the people he placed in our lives? Why do we invest on shedding every drop of sweat and blood just for the sake of owning a house, when a King has prepared a mansion for us in heaven long before we were even born? Why do we allow ourselves to get too comfy living in this world, when this is but our temporary home?


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