credits to the owner of the photo
credits to the owner of the photo

Life is not bound to be forced or chased.  It was made to be enjoyed freely, yet the desires that lay within a person’s heart have slowly climbed to the upper portion of the ladder and surprisingly took over the driver’s seat for control.  Beyond dreams and ambitions, is there any other thing that pushes an individual to chase what life refuses to offer for the current time?

Funny how I tried to think over and over again just to find some answers to the preceding question yet come up with no better answer than dreams and ambitions as well.  It’s a strong motivation that I discovered over the years for chasing life’s precious yeses in every opportunity that knocks at the door.

Many lives in the present were left behind because people were too busy living either in the past or in the future.  Are you one of them?

We go to school to earn the best degree so that we can work in a high class corporation with an exceptional salary.  We wanted to live in a well-furnished house, drive a luxury car, and have the capability to purchase our needs and wants.

However, there are those stories of individuals who worked twice as hard as they could because they wanted to be able to share to those who are less fortunate.  They call them unselfish act of kindness and it’s uplifting to know that in the middle of crisis and chaos these days, there are still those who think not only of their own welfares but of others as well.

And there you have it.  It’s our individual desires that keep those flames burning and those feet running towards a certain goal.  It’s broad and we can never get the time to enumerate what’s in the list one by one.

For some, it’s the desire to be appreciated especially when they have spent most of their lives being bullied and looked down by those what society defined as superior.  Sometimes it’s the pain and the desire to escape the blows of reality especially if we wanted to prove to ourselves and others that we deserve better than to be hurt.  Sometimes we wanted to chase the positivity of life because we are driven by fear of what might possibly occur if we will remain in the darkness of its shadows.  We chase life because we never see our current situation as something that can be contented with.  We chase life because we knew that somewhere out there, there are new beginnings and perhaps better endings.  We chase life because we wanted to be better, wiser, and more successful and fulfilled.

It’s not really that we tie greediness along our neck; we just wanted to live a life that we think is better and more suited for us.  But when we get our feet landed on tomorrow’s roads, did we really get what we wanted?  Did it really change our present situation?  Did it really alter what we think is an unfair past and a compromised future?  Or did we just discover how wrong we were for forcing to attain what was really never destined to be ours?

Often, at the end of our journey, we all get to get some wounds and bruises.  We obtained them as we faced our individual battles along the way.  For some, those bruises are well deserved and made them feel fulfilled as they reached out for life’s precious gifts of success.  However, for some, those wounds reminded them how much they fail as they see their dreams flew much farther after chasing it for almost their entire lives.

When do we stop?

Should we?

Here’s a good story from Criminal Minds Season 7:

A boxer was hunted for his criminal acts of beating people to death.  His adrenaline would immediately jump up at the sight of blood which became the reason for him to give more brutal blows to his opponent. He had a son named Ryan who was suffering from leukemia and he wanted him to develop the same strong spirit that he possesses as a fighter.

One day, he fought at the MMA and the fight didn’t go too well.  He was defeated and was brought to the hospital where his son was also admitted.

When he woke up, he immediately looked for his son but one of the agents told him that Ryan is dying and he needed to be there not as a fighter, not as a trainer, but as a father.

So Jimmy went to the boy and said:  “When I was in that ring getting punched over and over again, I figured out something.  Sometimes, I want to fight but my body, it keeps telling me to stop.  And it doesn’t matter how hard I punch I just can’t do it.  And when that happens Ryan, do you know what I do?  I let go.  And what I figured out is…letting go doesn’t mean that you’re a quitter.  It doesn’t mean that you lost.  It just means that you realize in that moment that it’s time to let go and move on. So if it’s time Ryan, it’s all right because you fought a hell of a fight.”

So shall we leave our lives as it is?  Should we be contented for what we currently have?  I say no.

We have these individual desires planted in the deepest part of our hearts.  In most cases, it is where we draw our strength to fight every obstacle that comes our way.  It drives us to be better, stronger, and wiser.  We all have our dreams and ambitions and it’s normal to go out and reach for them.  Sometimes, those dreams are intended for us and sometimes they were allotted for somebody else.  Sometimes they were intended to be reached through other means and maybe it’s one of the reasons why we often encounter failure in every attempt because in the first place it was not designed to be achieved in such manner.

Most of us are driven by famous quotes of not giving up and reach for one’s dreams that we tend to forget the other side of the story that in life, you just can’t have everything.

This is not telling you to give up rather, it’s telling you when to stop chasing and start living the life you currently have.  Enjoy the ride rather than focusing and being anxious of where you’ve been or where you are heading.  After all, life is full of surprises, who knows, yours might just be better than you expected.


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