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When a candle stands still in a corner, it’s a doubt if its importance will be recognized, not unless when it’ll be lighted with a match and its beam will be allowed to embrace everything.  It would take some time before the candle contracts and its light to expire but it takes a lifetime to gather and build up the components that once made it complete.

If loving a person was a sin, then, many would have been jailed long before lovers emerged.  If overlooking a person was a crime, then, many would have been punished long before heartaches arise.  Justice just won’t work on love, because if it does, no shadows of affliction will be traced from the minds and hearts of individuals who were once part of its tempestuous game.

We often reprimand the person for being so silly and stupid in getting oneself caught in the trap, nor hesitated to convey the instructions of not committing the same mistakes again.  But the question is, “who set the bait”?

Loving somebody has always been the greatest thing an individual can do and when time entails for that person to be set free, doing so would be the greatest sacrifice an individual can act upon.  Unfortunately, majority is just too preoccupied with their own concerns that’s why, more often than not, the needs of others would go unnoticed.

Love, by its nature, has never had a place for selfishness; rather it demands a spot for consideration and understanding.  A person who is under the magic spell of love is placing oneself in the midst of the sea who tries to stand against its impregnable winds and monstrous waves.  That person is willing to give the love of his life everything and sacrifice anything, yet words would somehow hesitate to come out from one’s mouth even when that stroke of love was not reciprocated.

Loving somebody demands the courage to do it unconditionally, which means, nothing is expected in return.  It does hurt when one founds out that the person he loved doesn’t love him the way he expected him to.  What intensified the pain was when that person found out that he keeps on loving him but he doesn’t love him back in return.  That’s what life is.  That’s what love is.

Love’s nature is free.  We just can’t teach anyone to love us.  We bestow our hearts fully to someone, but sometimes, when we get it back, that person has already left a scar on it.  It’s even worse when that person whom we bestowed our hearts to doesn’t have the slightest idea that by ignoring us, half of ourselves had been slowly obliterated.

Love is a foundation for us to be strong, but sometimes we became too strong, that we fail to handle our own strength.

Didn’t we do all that was mentioned above for our loved ones? Sacrificing? Didn’t we go along with the concepts?

Silence can express the “yes” in our hearts.

It’s just that, during the night when the stars sparkle and shine, we keep on looking for the rays of the sun.  We tend to go farther to find the person we believed was destined to us.  We often search higher and beyond our periphery, not knowing that we were already snubbing the presence of what we were searching for.  We never dare to give that person the importance he deserved because we’d rather confer it to someone who has been wasting our affections.

But waiting should always come to an end and the shadows of the past will always have a memory to tell.  We often realize our mistakes at the very last minute of a situation.  Yes, it’s not yet too late, but when did love become punctual?

Sometimes, we don’t mind as the candle continues to fade away, until such time, when darkness covers us entirely, that we begin searching for the useful material we once had.



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