For some time, you may have struggled a lot. It may be because of your family, friends, work, or matters of the heart. For some time, you may have thought of giving up the life you once lived in exchange for a life you wanted to live. But has it ever crossed your mind why it never worked that way?

Problems are but a part of our existence as humans. It is a problem though if you see it that way. Have you ever considered it as a blessing rather? Yes, every single one of it. Nothing in this world really “just happens”. Everything has its purpose and that’s why, if you have observed, the events in our lives are somehow intertwined to each other, which proves that our existence is not based on coincidences but rather a life with a purpose.

There is a reason behind your struggles. There is a reason behind your hurts. There is a reason behind your tears. There is a reason behind your pain. There is a reason behind every “was”, “is”, and “will be” in your life, that’s why no matter how hard these challenges presses you down, always try even harder to rise back up.

Stop stepping over yourself just because you’re going through a lot of hurdles these days. While others carry a lighter burden, there will always be somebody else whose dilemmas are heavier than yours and those people might have wished to wear your shoes rather than theirs.

There is a reason why you’re riding the kind of life you have right now. There is a reason why you met the people who loved, hurt, left, appreciated, dumped, accepted, hated, valued, and rejected you. But the common denominator is because there is something you needed to know, learn, and see.

Our tomorrows are always full of blessings and surprises but most of the time, rather than feeling and embracing the excitement it brings, we often opt for our hearts and minds to clasp on fears of the uncertainties it carries along. Our fears often caught us off guard because the parapets we build around might be a little bit enough to hold our prides in place but not our faith. What is your parapet made of?

The thing is we are so blessed to have these challenges, problems, dilemmas, whatever you call them, around. These are the fires that will test and mold us to become what we were really meant to be – better. It presses us to learn things which were never taught at school. It taught us to live, to laugh, to love, even if living seemed not so easy, laughing seemed to be forced and loving seemed to bring some hurts along. It is such a blessing because through these tests, we were once again emptied and therefore, God can fill us once more. It is such a blessing that once again we have witnessed our weaknesses and saw how mighty God is as He works continuously in our lives. It is such a blessing that once again, we were reminded of God’s great love for us.

Let’s face it. Sometimes we only turn our faces up the heavens when we were already lying on our backs. Most of the time, the world fascinates us so much that we tend to forget what our mission is. The enjoyment it brings is addictive but no matter how sweet its taste is, it can never satisfy the desires of the human heart and mind, for only God can fill our hungry souls.

Feel blessed when you encounter any forms of hitches and bumps in life for one thing is for sure – God is working on you. Problems are but a tap and knock from God to remind us to put our feet back on the right track by following His lead.

Do not be afraid to open your heart to Him. True enough that the enjoyment you once felt with the world will diminish but it will soon be replaced with the kind of happiness and joy that you’ve always longed for –untainted, overflowing, genuine, and real.



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