Some events are quite confusing and it’s just not enough no matter how hard you dig into the burrows in an attempt to understand what is happening around. Well at least you tried. Yet, there are days where you’ll prefer to leave out all the rest to fate especially when everything seems to seep out all sorts of hopes and optimism you planted inside yourself just to hold on to what you believe is true; however, these days just won’t last that long because no matter how hard you force yourself to conform to your own tactics of persuasion, reality would eventually snap its fingers right into your very eyes and bring you back to where your feet is exactly standing. Often, pain is inevitable when you open your eyes to what reality brings and it could be two things, either it will break and help you become stronger or it’ll break you and leave you broken into tiny pieces. As what majority would say, “The choice is yours”. True enough but dare to acknowledge the fact that the battle of choosing which is better between the two is not an easy task. And I say “it’s where you have to put faith over fate when it comes to decision making”.

We are made to be here for a reason. My existence is not an accident and so is yours. Yet, at some point in our busy lives, we tend to forget the reason behind our existence and often end up living other people’s lives and dreams, or even living for the sake of meeting their expectations and finding them pleased and satisfied. What makes it worse is when we end up losing our own selves just to find them.

It’s quite confusing that even if we fight for them, they are quite too busy fighting for something else, except you. Fighting a good fight would require an invincible shield and armor – inside and out, because no matter how hard you try to resist the bullets and swords from the outside field, there will always be an ongoing battle with chains and arrows from the inside that could rip you apart, leaving you with jagged wounds and scars for who knows how long.

Life is confusing – if you do not know why and for whom you are living.


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