Win Your Courage, Not Your Fear


We are all afraid of something – afraid to be alone, left behind, hurt, discouraged, disappointed, weak, stupid, clumsy, poor, dumped, criticized, laughed at, fooled, bullied, talked about, underestimated, judged, rejected.   Most of the times, these fears would overpower our faith and we start to sway sideways until such time when we fail to hold on tightly to our stance that we get uprooted by these things.

Staying strong and firm is not an easy task, but it’s the only way by which we can withstand the storms that would often knock surprisingly at our doorstep.

We wanted to run away from all these negative emotions that dragged us down to our lowest feeling of self-worth, yet the more we carry our feet away from it, the more we cultivate it and the more we lose the opportunity to learn the steps on how to deal with it.

Taking the blows does not necessarily mean that we let ourselves be wounded and scarred for life.  We may get hit and bruised for some time, but we will come to a point where we learn how to dance with its every rage.

We need to face what we feared about because at the end of the day, it is the only way by which we can identify what really seeps our courage out and away from us.

Let’s not get tired of winning back our faith and courage but let us put an end to those instances of losing it just because we are afraid of something.


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