I Can’t Make You Love Me

I know I can’t…. but I will still try…. I will still stay… unless….

The Marine, the Father, and the Man

I have high regard for people who willingly lay down their lives for others.  More than a job, it is a calling that often strays away from the faint of heart.  These people… Continue reading


I once asked God why He allowed me to be tested through my weakness, knowing that it is the most vulnerable part of myself.  Whenever temptations come, I cannot assure Him that I… Continue reading

Even the strongest soldiers bleed…

Even the strongest soldiers bleed…

God’s Not Dead: A Knock to Surrender

After watching the movie, God’s Not Dead, God just lit a fire and melted the ice in my heart.  It may not have totally been washed away but a portion of my heart… Continue reading

The Other Side of Love

I chose to reject what I feel even if it hurts so bad and I chose to be numb to all your mistreats; I know I should be loving myself more rather than… Continue reading



The Late Bloomer

the late bloomer

Passion Art