tPonr6K          We wake up in the morning and complain that it is too early to get out of bed. We go to work and come home with resentments over the piled up paperworks and tight deadlines and expectations set by the company. We get our paycheck and whine that it is not enough for all the efforts exerted and even swear for the denied salary increase that we’ve been fighting for years.
We go to the mirror and fret how our hair looks so dry, why our straight hair is not curly and why our curly hair is not straight. We gripe how our skin remained so dark or so white; how our legs are not that long, how we cannot get our body into shape or why we are so fat and why we are so thin.
We growl why we don’t have the abs and the muscles, and why there is just too much of it going on in our body. We become pissed why we cannot buy a stick of cigar or a bottle of beer; we get frustrated when we lose in PVPs or when we don’t get enough EXPs. We complain why we look so young and why we look so old or why we grow not as tall as we wanted to.
We sit in the table and rallied why we are eating fish and vegetables instead of meat; why a mango and not an apple; why bananas and not grapes. We frown when we can’t get our favorite chocolates and why the ice cream is melted; why the chips is becoming a bag of air and why the soda’s price increases.
We complain why our shoes is not like Kobe’s and why our clothes is way beyond the latest trend. We are annoyed that they are already old and why we are not yet having a new pair of shoes and jeans.
And while we are so busy rallying about these petty things, did we even ask ourselves if it is even worth the time and energy that we wasted on it. As we cavil about how we perceived how deprived we are of the things that we wanted, people out there are crying over matters that they needed – family, home, food, faith; life.
When the bombings destroy the very shelter where they can feel safe, they have nowhere else to go but to find an escape where they can hide and hope that they will still have the chance to see the sun shining the next day.
While we are killing ourselves for promotions and achievements and neglect the people around us, out there, there are those who would kill just to be with their families and loved ones. While we are stepping over our conscience of killing an innocent child because of unwanted pregnancy, others out there are lamenting over the loss of their children who were taken by force, away from their arms of custody.
While we complain why we have to pray and go to church, or why our religion has rules and traditions, men and women out there are praying to have that opportunity especially when faith is all they can rely to when everybody else around them is losing track of what is right and what is wrong. And while we are so busy complaining why life is so difficult, some people out there are dying to grab that difficult undertaking just to live…


Mulan-QuoteThing is, when you have been betrayed, hurt, put down, and mistreated repeatedly, it tend to cloud your senses. You eventually hold on to the fear of feeling and undergoing through the same commotions over and over again at the slightest possible sign of it. Even if some people are trying their best to show you different, you find it hard to see it as it is.  For the fortunate ones who haven’t received the blows or those who easily overcame the experience, they call it a pessimist’s call; but for those whose hearts are still shattered, it is a constant struggle to wake up and face the day with the absence of worries.  And like most battles, they are doing it not only for themselves, but because they know that other people will also live a better life when they come out victorious from their battle grounds  – their own selves.